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Company Overview: My name is Kelsey Bales and this is my story.

It all began October 5, 2008. It was a Sunday so my doctors office was closed. I wasn't feeling
to good. I had very heavy breathing, vomiting, frequent urination, my sides hurt very bad and I
was lethargic at times. I had never felt like this before. My mom called my doctor and they said
a stomach virus was going around and that was probably what it was so to keep me hydrated. A
little while later I was feeling worse and I looked at my mom and said "mommy I don't want to
die". So right then my mom knew it wasn't just a stomach virus. We got in the car and went to a
children's urgent care doctors office up the street from our house. When the doctor heard my
symptoms he seemed to already know what it was. He ran some test. When the results came back
they told me I had type 1 diabetes. My family and I were shocked. It happened so fast. They
needed to put an I.V. in my arm because I was so dehydrated. It took several tries to get it. My
veins were really hard to find. I was so bad they had to life flight me to Egleston Children's
hospital in Atlanta. When I arrived they admitted me to I.C.U. I was so scared. I didn't know
what was really going on. A child my age blood glucose level should be between 80 and 180. Mine
was over 750. The nurse told my mom that I was a miracle. It is very rare for someone like me to
not have been in a diabetic coma. I am a fighter though. It was really hard the first couple of
days. I couldn't eat or drink until they got my blood glucose under control. So by the time I
got to it had been about two and a half days. My family tried hard to be strong in front of me
but it was hard. I saw them crying but I knew it was because they love me and didn't like seeing
me in pain. By Tuesday I was feeling a little better. Me and my family started taking classes to
learn how to take care of my diabetes. It was a lot of stuff to remember but at least I wasn't
doing it alone. With type 1 diabetes I have to count carbohydrates for everything I eat. Right
now I get 1 unit of insulin for every 18 carbs I eat. The shots don't hurt that bad but it's
still not fun getting them. On a good day I get at least 4 shots and prick my finger usually
about 6 times. Since October 2008 I have had over 1500 shots and over 1700 finger pricks but I
don't let that slow me down. I have big dreams and I won't let my disease stop that. One of my
dreams is to spread awareness about type 1 diabetes so more people can get involved in finding a
cure. They say there might be one in my lifetime. That would be a great day but until then I
will do what I need to do to keep myself healthy. I hope my story has touched your heart and you
will do something to help, not just for me but for all the other kids with stories like mine.

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